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LE CATCH - Marlien Rentmeester

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Buried in the back of my news feed this weekend was a story  from Vogue declaring, "There's Never Been a Better Time to Celebrate the Sock!" I'd say that counts as one of the crazier headlines I've read lately. Yes, socks are good and necessary, but I believe now's the time to embrace emerging designers like Dans La Main, which launched its new website in March. Not the best timing, but they vow, "We're in it for the long run." I predict a long run, indeed, considering, for example, their enduringly stylish straw clutch, above. Another new talent: LA-based Les Tienbelow, whose elevated basics are the talk of the town (i.e., boasts a solid celeb following), due to its next-level comfort and masterfully-chic fits and fabrics. 


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